What is Yondu

A versatile savoury seasoning that brings out the inherent flavour of your ingredients.

Natural umami from slowly fermenting and simmering vegetables gives delicate flavour and balance to your dishes.


Yondu for

Delicious vegetables. Healthy dishes. Simple & Easy cooking.

Delicious because:

It enhances the flavours of each individual ingredient while balancing the overall taste.

Healthy because:

It helps you enjoy more plant-based dishes and makes any dish taste amazing without adding extra salt, oil or butter.

Easy because:

It reduces your cooking time and need for extra spices, since Yondu gives depth of flavour, as if your meal has been slowly simmered for a long time.

How to use it

Once you start cooking with it, Yondu becomes your dependable pantry staple in the kitchen.

Just a few drops of Yondu will make your dishes taste amazing. Simply use it just like salt while cooking, and season to taste!

Here is our basic ratio (2 cups + 1 spoon) to get started with:

Quick broth

Yondu broth

2 cups water
+ 1 Tbsp Yondu

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Sauteed Veggies

Sauteed Veggies

2 cups vegetables
+ 1 tsp Yondu

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2 cups cooked ingredients
+ 1 tsp Yondu

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How is it made

Non-GMO and organic soybeans are slowly fermented in three stages to bring out savoury flavours. This base is blended with the concentrated broth of eight different vegetables to balance and add delicate complexity. Yondu Vegetable Umami is a well-balanced versatile seasoning.

Recipe how is it made

Fermented soybeans + Concentrated broth from 5 vegetables

INGREDIENTS: Organic Soybean Essence* (soybeans*, water, salt, rice*), Organic Vegetable Stock* (white radish*, cabbage*, leek*, shiitake*, garlic*), Yeast Extract. *Certified organic

All the good stuff!

Soybeans have some of the highest concentrations of proteins available (even compared to meat and seafood). When we ferment soybeans, we break down proteins into complex and naturally occurring amino acids and peptides. Our taste buds perceive amino acids and peptides as delicious, rich, savoury flavour.

Principal aminoacid